Detecting Parallel Universes at the LHC

By: Faizaan Bhat

The LHC, the largest particle collider in the world.
The LHC, the largest particle collider in the world.

The LHC, the largest particle collider in the world is now going to run at the highest energy ever produced by mankind in any experiment. This machine costs several billion dollars to build and is the most expensive particle collider ever build.  Many critics are afraid that this could destroy the earth, however, scientists suspect that it could actually detect something very interesting. It could detect the existence of parallel universes. This discovery has been made by a Kashmiri scientist, Prof Mir Faizal who is a Visiting Professor at the University of Waterloo and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Lethbridge, along with two other scientists.

These scientists used a theory called gravity’s rainbow to make this prediction. According to this theory, gravity effects particles of different energy differently. This theory also predicts that there is a maximum energy in nature and it is impossible to have any energy greater than this energy. A direct implication of this theory is that black holes can form at the LHC in CERN, if extra dimensions exist. These parallel universes will not be like the parallel universes in science fiction where there would be another world like earth and another Faizan Bhat writing this article. They would be real universes  parallel to each other in a higher dimension. To understand this kind of parallel universes, Prof. Mir Faizal has given an analogy to Phys.Org. In this analogy he explains that just as many parallel sheets of paper (which are two dimensional having breadth and width) can be arranged parallel to each other along the height ( which is the third dimension), our universe which is four dimensional can also be arranged parallel to other universes along an extra dimensions.

This is a remarkable prediction as this discovery can test something which people through was only philosophy i.e., the existence of other universes. The Director of CERN, Rolf Heuer, said that the LHC would now create a new era for physics. The Director of CERN also said that he wanted to see the first light in the dark universe. This   is such a big prediction that it has made global headlines in all major newspapers in the world. These include many leading newspaper in the world like the CBC, Huffington Post, National Post, Telegraph etc. This is the first time in the history that a discovery made by a Kashmiri scientist has made global headlines. However, what would be the implications of such a discovery. What will be the consequences of knowing that our universe is only a small part of multiverse, which contains several other universes.

Faizaan Bhat
Faizaan Bhat

(Faizaan Bhat is an engineer with BTech from NIT Srinagar.)

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