Dilapidated Condition Of Road Irks Padshahi Bagh Residents

SRINAGAR: The dilapidated condition of the road in Noorani Colony-B Kursoo Padshahi Bagh here is giving tough time to the commuters.

The condition of road in Padshahi Bagh area

According to locals, the authorities and the government have neglected us time and again.

“They do not care at all. They are absolutely careless towards the plight of the masses,” the residents alleged.

They also claimed that thousands of people live in the area and have to suffer daily due to the dilapidated roads, especially the interior roads from Mehjoor Nagar to Padshahi Bagh. Most of the roads in the city were macadamized during the summer but unfortunately, the road from Ram Bagh bridge to Lasjan via Padshai Bagh has been neglected by the authorities allege local residents.

“If the authorities were not able to macadamise the road but at least they could have done is filled the potholes,” said the residents.

Residents of Noorani Colony-B, Kursoo Padshai Bagh have alleged that the ERA has undertaken a drainage project in the area and the concerned contractor has failed to maintain the interior roads as most of the drainage work is completed.

The residents allege that this drainage project has become a nuisance for us as the concerned contractor has left most of the lanes unattended after installing the drainage pipes.

They said people in their locality are unable to move during inclement weather as the road becomes unmotorable and potholes get filled with water, which remains there for weeks.

The residents alleged that there is only one link road which connects us with the main road near Hotel Vonposh which has so many potholes and it is quite difficult for children, women and senior citizens to use it for commuting.

Residents appeal CEO ERA and local authorities to intervene in the matter for early redressal of their grievances.


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