Disciplined Lot

Nazir Ahmad Nazir

The word discipline seems missing from our dictionary. We sermonize and preach, but in our private life act quite contrary to what we say in the open. This is against the very law of nature. Once we continue with such behavior we are obviously bound to be the victims of our own follies. Human being is the most valuable living creature in this universe. His life is governed by certain rules and regulations. He is not to leave himself unbridled, but has to follow certain norms; otherwise he shall render himself to wilderness. To set up a good society, discipline in life is of utmost significance. However this doesn’t mean to curb ones freedom. Man has been bestowed upon by sense of rationale and reasonability.

But our entire socio-economic, politico-religious fabric does possess such cancerous cells. The situation is not confined to just one sphere of life; rather it has crept in our life entirely.

I believe if a person is disciplined, possesses good habits, talks decently, behaves well and is neat and tidy, doesn’t use an impolite language, discipline itself prevails.

He need use stringent measures to curb unhealthy tendencies once he occupies some official position as his life will itself have an impact on others.

Such a person prefers to leave the function or a party or association, where he finds things in contravention.

However, it is not easily possible at the same time to bring up a clean atmosphere especially in present day life when every bad practice is rampant.

Corruption, drinking, gambling, immorality, lawlessness in all parts of life, has taken deep roots in our society.

Negativity is so dominant and aggressive that upright, honest and noble working souls of the society have got isolated.

Agreed that good and bad has to run parallel, otherwise we will be left with nothing to struggle. But the question is that we do wrong and justify it one way or the other. The tragedy with us is that we are not ready to listen and face the truth. Even when somebody stops us from doing wrong we still get infuriated.

Maybe we get encouraged to do wrong by looking at the society around us.

But we have surrendered before the evil that has now assumed the shape of a monstrous giant. We are deaf and dumb and ignore as if we do not see anything. In the present day world we have all comforts of life, but are we mentally comfortable. Let us ask our conscience. This is a highly precarious situation and shall keep on deteriorating further. Unless we are determined to reverse the trend, God knows better what kind of repercussions we are destined to face. The sooner we ponder over it and act promptly, the better it will be for all of us.


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