Doctors day: DAK for holistic expansion of health care system

SRINAGAR: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Wednesday wished a happy doctors day to all the frontline workers who are working day in and out to serve the people during these trying hard times of Covid-19.

President DAK, Dr Suhail Naik said the coronavirus has exposed unpreparedness of all countries to handle the pandemic and teaches us a lesson that in future healthcare systems should be prepared to battle pandemics in addition to indigenous diseases.

“We feel extremely proud of our fraternity who have saved so many lives and are dedicated to their job. During this pandemic our doctors sustained all emergency non-COVID-19 services including maternal and child health, immunization, management of heart attacks and strokes, emergency operations,” he said.

Naik said the pandemic has taught them lessons and now it is time to critically look and analyze our health care delivery system, human resources management and health policies.

“This viral pandemic forced us to divide, classify existing health infrastructure and manpower which was in complete balance. With the coronavirus disease burden and non-COVID-19 it jeopardized the non-COVID patient management as well,” he said.

DAK said like earthquakes they had never thought about such a pandemic, that has killed lakhs of people within months and crippled the economy of countries.

“Therefore it is now time to expand, develop and design hospitals with separate infection disease units in all medical colleges and district hospitals so that in future all communicable diseases including viral pandemics will be managed without risking the lives of patients who visit hospitals for non-communicable ailments,” he said.

The doctor’s body suggested that the government should increase health budget and expand infrastructure so that such viral pandemics can’t affect the management of patients suffering from non-communicable diseases like trauma, diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, strokes.

General secretary DAK, Dr Owais H Dar paid rich tributes to all the doctors who lost their precious lives across the globe while fighting the novel coronavirus.

“We expressed heartfelt condolences with the bereaved families of deceased doctors and paramedics. It is time that all doctors must come together and join hands to develop gratuity fund which can be used to fund families of doctors who die while in service and a fixed amount can be given to them at the time of retirement,” he said.


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