SRINAGAR: Doda continues to be at the forefront of public attention, as a series of unfortunate events unfolded in quick succession in the region. Merely a day after the tragic bus accident near Trungal that left 22 injured and claimed the lives of 39 individuals in the Chenab Valley, another calamity befell the district, further deepening the sense of distress among the local population.

Between the two alignments of a 200 meter stretch between Assar and Trungal a lot of accidents are taking place, residents say.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Doda was again shaken by a fierce fire that ravaged through the hill district, leaving destruction in its wake. The Chinote locality in Bhaderwah town bore the brunt, with several buildings succumbing to the relentless flames. Among the structures devoured by the inferno were half a dozen residential houses, a guest house, and a food point, leaving the community grappling with the aftermath of this devastating incident.

As the smoke settled over the charred remains of what was once a bustling part of Bhaderwah, authorities were left with the task of unraveling the mystery behind the fire. Preliminary investigations point towards a short circuit as the possible cause, but a comprehensive inquiry is underway to shed light on the circumstances that led to this tragic event.

While the community was still coming to terms with the aftermath of the bus accident and the destructive fire, nature itself seemed to add to the woes of Doda. The National Centre for Seismology (NCS) reported an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.9, shaking the foundations of the district. The seismic activity occurred at 09:34:19 IST, with coordinates revealing the epicenter in Doda, Jammu and Kashmir.

Doda, nestled in the Pir Panchal, has long been susceptible to accidents and earthquakes, and these recent events only serve to accentuate the need for enhanced safety measures and infrastructure improvements.

The ill fated car carrying a father and his two sons in a gorge on Chenab banks.

A deeper look into the statistics, as per media reports reveals that approximately 1300 lives were lost in road accidents along the National Highway in the Chenab Valley and Pir Panjal sub-regions of the Jammu division over the past five years. This figure is part of a broader concern, with a total of 4287 casualties reported in road accidents across Jammu and Kashmir during the same period, further highlighting the urgency for proactive measures.

The tragic echo of history resonates on the Kishtwar-Batote road, renovated in 2009 with the intent to improve safety. However, it stands as a reminder of the risks inherent in the region’s roads, with a previous bus accident claiming 25 lives in a manner eerily reminiscent of the recent Trungal mishap.


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