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Expressing outrage and condemnation against the recent statement of the right wing Hindu communal dispensation the RSS, Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said, that the party’s real agenda and game plan with regard to Kashmir stands exposed. The territory of Kashmir is what they care for as it is their “property”, and those who do not accept India’s hegemony here will be thrown out.

Mirwaiz in Budgam

Mirwaiz cautioned the people that in pursuance of this end, RSS is following a well-planned strategy of dividing the population along sectarian and regional lines, with the help of some ‘local support’ and projecting and promulgating Muslim organizations like Muslim Rashtra Manch an organization comprising of four hundred active members and the like aimed at “weakening the freedom struggle and the Islamic identity of Kashmir”.

In a statement, Hurriyat (M) Chairman made these remarks during a rally at Budgam Chowk soon after finishing the Friday prayers at a local Jamia Masjid.

Stressing that the PDP led government has yielded completely to the BJP for staying in power, Hurriyat (M) Chairman said that the pledges made by them to the people, of releasing political prisoners, returning  power projects to the state, revocation of AFSPA,  zero tolerance to human rights violations , are  proving to be hollow promises made to mislead people.

Mirwaiz said that since 1947 pro-Indian political parties in Kashmir have repeatedly done this, they have continuously compromised the interests of Kashmiris for holding on to power.

He asked the PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed that at this stage of his life does he want to be remembered as one who “furthered the agenda of RSS in Kashmir”. He asked Sayeed that if he cannot further the interests of Kashmiri people why does he want to “become a source of weakening it”, by becoming a tool in the hands of Hindu Right wing and anti-Muslim forces.

Rejecting the idea of the creation of separate townships for the Kashmiri Pandits, he appealed to the Pandit brethren to return without fear and have trust in their Muslim counterparts. Mirwaiz said that in the coming week a delegation of Ulema from Mutahida Ulema Council, would visit Jammu and meet people from the community to understand their needs and concerns with regard to their return.

Condemning the slapping of PSA on pro-freedom leader Masarat Alam, Mirwaiz denounced the government decision and said such oppressive acts would not deter Kashmiris from the path of seeking their political aspirations.


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