Domicile Unrecognisable, Unguarded: Peoples Conference


Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference while reacting to the amendments made to the domicile law today asserted that the reality of domicile is that ‘it was changed unrecognisably and remains unrecognisable and unguarded.’

“It seems the inhabitants of J&K do not have the luxury of strategising a way out of the bloody virus on the prowl across the world. While families and societies across the world are in a state of panic, desperate to save themselves and their loved ones, the inhabitants here are unendingly and additionally in a state of psychological torture in the wake of orders issued at frequent intervals informing them and reminding them of their disempowered status,” PC Chief Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said in a statement.

He further stated that the sensitive and cherished aspect of sub-identity remains unguarded and virtually in a state of ‘free for all.’

“Even in the most difficult of the times when the world is fighting the COVID pandemic, an order ascends from Delhi and descends in Srinagar – as conspicuously as possible. Two orders in a space of few days. The reality of the domicile as it stares in our faces is that it was changed unrecognisably and remains unrecognisable. It is not even a pale shadow of what it was irrespective of the two domicile orders issued in the last few days. The sensitive and cherished aspect of sub-identity remains unguarded and virtually in a state of ‘free for all’. What has been added is a totally avoidable and ancient art of political monkeying. This perhaps sums up the new state of affairs- Take a pound from you and throw some pennies back at you subject to you enacting a monkey dance,” he added.

While urging the Central government to respect the wishes of J&K in matters pertaining to issues concerning their future, he said, “We just hope and pray the inhabitants of J&K and the rest of the country sail through the pandemic with the safety of all their loved ones. We equally hope that the new state of affairs in the form of ‘ascend of orders’ in Delhi and ‘descend of orders’ in Srinagar and the utterly grotesque monkey dance does not persist. We hope good sense prevails and respect is shown to the inhabitants of J&K in matters pertaining to an issue which they have zealously guarded for decades,” he concluded.


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