Don’t Hate Politics, Remove Foul Players From It: Omar

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Underlining the need for an attractive environment for committed, educated and spirited youth to participate in democratic polity, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Friday said that the power of creating such an atmosphere is with people.

“You should not hate politics but weed out foul player from political arena by exercising your voting power”, he told the Indian Students Parliament at Pune while delivering his key note address on the 2nd day of its 3-day conclave.

“Creation of an environment so that committed educated and spirited youth participate in democratic polity and contribute in evolving a healthy democratic system is in itself in the hands of people”, he added and said that only people are powerful to eject wrong politicians from politics by handing over defeat to them in general elections.

Showing his concern, Omar said the growing negativity in the younger generation towards democratic polity and hate tendency is building up in the minds of youth towards politicians is worrisome.

“This makes them remain isolated from the main stream of democratic polity drawing wrong notions about politics and politicians”, he said adding that this mindset needs to be changed. “You have not to hate the politics but the politicians who pollute politics”, he reiterated and asked the youth force to exercise their vote power for keeping wrong politicians away from the politics.

Omar asked the youth not to get used by politicians but utilize them for the benefit of the society and cause of the country. “This can only be done when you participate in politics, exercise your votes and make democratic institutions strong, transparent and vibrant by choosing dedicated and honest representatives”, he added and said that politics is not anybody’s inherited property but it belongs to people and only people can allow politicians to groom or doom in this field.

“When youth actually cease to participate for common causes core democratic values, inclusive representation, vibrancy of democracy and eventually respect for human rights begin to erode, which is dangerous for the very existence of any free and democratic society”, Omar maintained and said that Indian Students Parliament share a greater role to strengthen the fabric of democracy and democratic institutions.

“It has been observed that public especially youth raise their voices on different occasions against various issues but do not translate these into results by exercising their real power to over through the politicians and the system which they consider corrupt, unwholesome and anti-people by voting in large number during general elections”, he said and asked youth not to exhibit ‘soda water josh’ in given vent to their feedings but patiently bring in change in the system by utilizing vote power.

Omar said that the national conclave of students differs from other conclaves in objective mission and methodology as it does not stop at its conclusion but converge in the most constructive and forceful manner in channelizing and guiding the energy of youth.

“We need to keep reminding ourselves that it is our duty to inspire the successive generations to remain committed to healthy democracy to goodness respecting fundamental human values,” Omar told the gathering.

Congratulating the Indian Student Parliament for its passionate mission to strengthen the fabric of democracy and involve younger generation in playing constructive role for the betterment of society and the institutions, Omar expressed the hope that the Indian Student Parliament with its defined objective would go a long way in making the pillars of Indian democracy sturdy and strong.

Omar gave detailed answers of the questions put to him regarding socio-political, economic-development, education, public empowerment and youth force welfare in Jammu and Kashmir.

The 3-day conclave of Indian Student Parliament began on January 10 at Pune will culminate on January 12,  2013.


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