Don’t Politicize Security Issue Of Yatris: Tarigami

KL Report


Offering a word of caution to both central and the state government, the CPI (M) State Secretary Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has said the issue of security of pilgrims should not be politicized as it increments the element of uncertainty to the annual pilgrimage which is integral to Kashmir ethos.

As per a statement Tarigami has expressed dismay about the attempts being made to give unnecessary hype to the security of pilgrims saying that such assumptions are doing no service either to the country or the smooth passage of the pilgrimage.

“The Amarnath Yatra is integral to Kashmiri ethos and during the critical times, the people of Kashmir have whole heartedly cooperated to facilitate the smooth passage of the pilgrimage,” he said and added the people of Kashmir need not to prove their religious tolerance. “People of Kashmir have always given their best in terms of hospitality and security of the pilgrims,” he added.

He however, maintained that the security matters pertain to the experts of the field and the same should be left to them to take care of and not discussed in public.


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