Dr Faktoo to remain behind bars till death: High Court

Dr Mohammad Qasim Faktoo

The J&K High Court Friday dismissed the petition of Muslim League patron Dr Mohammad Qasim Faktoo seeking directions for his release stating that life imprisonment means that one has to remain behind bars till his death.

A bench of Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir had earlier reserved the judgment and finally on Friday the court came with its decision saying “life imprisonment means full life”.

Advocate Mian Abdul Qayoom and senior Additional Advocate General AM Magray represented Faktoo and the state respectively.

Defending his petitioner Mian Abdul Qayoom had argued that Dr Faktoo has earned remission for his good behavior in the jail and his cumulative period of detention comes out to be 20 years which amounts to life imprisonment.

But dismissing this argument High court ruled that who so ever is facing life imprisonment will have to remain behind bars till his death.

“Dr Faktoo on May 31, 2012 completed 20 years in prison which as per the Jail Manual and Prison’s Act amounts to life imprisonment,” Qayoom had said.

Senior Additional Advocate General A M Magray had argued his case on two counts “remission earned does not mean remission granted and 20 years does not mean life imprisonment.

The High court announced its judgment while the court was jam packed by Faktoo’s relatives, and Muslim league workers.

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