Dr Farooq calls for de-escalation, urges India- Pakistan to maintain restraint


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday called for de-escalation of India-Pakistan tensions and urged both the countries to maintain maximum restraint for the greater good of humanity.

Dr Farooq while addressing a delegation of people from south Kashmir here at party headquarters Nawa-e-Subh, Srinagar said, “A war apparently seems a little word of few letters but its effects are always harmful. It brings destruction which cannot be compensated for many years. No peaceful mind wants war. I urge the peace-loving people in both countries to come forth and help de-escalate the situation. I am pretty sure that a number of people who want peace far exceed the hawkish people numerically, it is the right time for the doves to come forward.”

“It is the people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially those living on both sides of the LOC or international border who have to face the brunt of skirmishes between the two countries. Let the war belong to the tragic past in history. It should find no place on our agenda.  Let me remind the two nations that war is a plague that will have far-reaching consequences on the growth and development of the two nations, besides that it will make the lives of people living on both sides of the border no less a scourge.”

Party president said that history bears testimony to the fact that war didn’t help both the neighbors resolve their long pending issues. “It is in the interest of our region if both the countries shun war rhetoric. I also urge both the countries to shun violence for the greater good of people living in both countries especially for the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

Dr Farooq while expressing dismay over the scarcity of basic amenities in Kashmir division said, “People are hankering for petrol, cooking gas, medicines and other basic components of day to day life. It is the duty of incumbent administration to make sure that people don’t have to crave for basic amenities,” adding, “The incumbent administration should gear up to ensure all basic and effective amenities to the people living in urban and rural areas.”

Urging the people to show steadfastness in forging unity, Dr Farooq said, “Right from the times of Jawaharlal Nehru our party has been scorn in the eyes of those who are inimical to our special constitutional position. New Delhi has always tried to create leaders in every street of the Kashmir. But our party with the active participation of people trounced all the machinations as were contrived to destroy our special status.”

Dr Farooq said that it is the PDP that helped BJP to make inroads into the state of Jammu and Kashmir. “Had PDP not propped up an alliance with BJP, things would have been different on the ground. Now it is up to people to show them their right place and salvage the state towards development and prosperity,” he added.

Among others, senior Mian Altaf Ahmad, Peer Afaq, Mushtaq Guroo, Sabiya Qadri, Ahsan Pardesi, Mudasir Shahmiri were also present on the occasion.


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