Dr Farooq From London Appeals Jammuities To Defeat ‘Communal’ Parties


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President National Conference, Dr Farooq Abdullah Thursday said huge number of people should take part in the democratic process to defeat the divisive agenda of BJP.

In a fax message to people of Jammu from London, Dr Farooq appealed them to vote in large numbers and defeat the ‘divisive agenda of communal parties like BJP who are hell bent upon to destroy the secular fabric of the state.

He said that the huge turnout in the ongoing assembly elections are hints enough for BJP to know that people in Jammu and Kashmir don’t support the ‘communal agenda’ of any party.

Lashing out hard at BJP and PDP, Farooq alleged political parties like these don’t want an everlasting peace in Kashmir and they are trying their best to muzzle the voice of Kashmiris.

“They (BJP and PDP) don’t want that Kashmiris should have one voice. They firmly believe that   politicians should be produced from every home in Kashmir so that to curb the genuine voice of the people,” Farooq said. “Those talking of safeguarding the rights of people of state, were the first ones instrumental in eroding the autonomy of the state.”

“Over the years our constitution was eroded, followed by eroding Article 370. Important constitutional positions like Sadr-i-Riyasat (President), a separate passport from Lakhanpora to Ladakh and many other constitutional privileges were eroded by these very people,” he said. “Furthermore, BJP strictly follows a communal agenda and it was the party that in connive with their offshoot- PDP tried to set ablaze the whole state in 2008 agitation.”

“BJP and PDP pitted people of Jammu against Kashmir and vice versa and flared up the communal tension in the state in 2008. And it was because of these parties that the relations between the traders of Jammu and traders of Kashmir witnessed bitterness,” Farooq said.

He said those daydreaming about revoking Article 370 from the state should know that it is the foundation and basis of the relationship between the state and the rest of country and no power in the world can revoke it.

While appreciating the people of the state for coming out in large numbers to cast their votes during the last four phases, he said, “I hope people of Jammu will also take part in the democratic process in large numbers to defeat the divisive agenda of certain parties.”

Meanwhile, senior party leader Sheikh Nazir (Advocate) has also appealed the people of Jammu to vote in favour national conference candidates in large numbers so as to safeguard the interests of the region.


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