Dr Qasim ‘Sees Another MUF Type Election in 2021’



Dr Muhammad Qasim
Dr Muhammad Qasim

Incarcerated separatist leader Dr Muhammad Qasim Wednesday in a statement said, “to term the resistance movement of Jammu Kashmir as a reaction to the large scale bungling in election s of 1987 is a conspiracy to sabotage the historic and ideological basis of the Kashmir issue.”

“In the garb of such statements ground is being prepared to repeat a MUF (Muslim United Front) environment for 2021 elections. Indian  intellectuals  are  on purpose  terming our resistance struggle  a result of the rigging of 1987 elections so that  world is given an impression that Kashmiris want to live under the constitution and political system of India and it was only after the riggings of 1987 that these people were pushed to resist Indian Rule!” a statement issued by Muslim Deeni Mahaz said.

“The Resistance movement in Jammu and Kashmir started on the same day when the first Indian trooper set foot on this land and should be seen as an extension of the resistance against Dogra Rule. Not a single decade passed from 1947 to 1988 where we cannot find evidences of a political and  armed  struggle against Indian occupation,” Qasim, according to his party statement said.

“At first some Indian Intellectuals made some people give up armed resistance by convincing them that only a peaceful political struggle would yield them world support. Now the pro freedom people are being told that voices of only democratically elected people are heard at world forums and therefore they should get into the assembly to put forth their demands. The assembly of Jammu Kashmir formed in 1952 has a sole aim of serving Indian interests in Jammu Kashmir and has always been used to do the same,” he said.

The statement further quoted Qasim said, “We, not only consider the participation in 1987 election as an anti Islamic step but a sell out as well. Therefore this idea, that the pro freedom people should put forth their ideas in assembly as NC and PDP have failed the Kashmiri people besides boycott calls not yielding desired results, is in reality a plot to give a burial to the resistance movement in the assembly. The real status of this state assembly is that a man like Sheikh Abdullah with absolute majority could not bring autonomy in 1977. Now if these pro freedom people go into assembly they won’t even be able to get the position of 1989. We categorically reject the views expressed by people related to MUF and few intellectuals that were published in an English daily. To term the resistance movement as a reaction to the rigging in 1987 elections is an Indian propaganda that should be taken as contempt to the people who laid down their lives and were imprisoned because of being a part of the resistance movement between 1947 and 1987.”

“We request all ideological pro freedom people to resist against this propaganda that is being unleashed with the sole aim of repeating a MUF like scenario in 2021,” the statement further quoted Qasim.

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