Drive a clean car

Smaller in size than its contemporary small cars, Reva is meant for a “hum do hamare do” family with rear seats undersized to accommodate adults.
Drivers will have to make some basic adjustments before driving the car on the road. Instead of a gear change liver in small cars, Reva has a knob to the right of the steering-wheel with four gear options – two speeding gears, besides reverse and neutral. The car battery, fully charged, runs for 80 kilometers, restricting the car’s use to a limited area. Owners in Kashmir may use the car for shuttling between residence and office in their home town, it is unlikely to be used for long drives. The battery power comes with an additional handicap especially in Kashmir given the erratic power supply.
Among the impressive features of the car is its easy handling once the driver adjusts with the conditions. Designers have eliminated clutch to facilitate easy gear shifting. At minimal noise and no effluent, the car is even more eco-friendly. The onboard charger facilitates easy charging by plugging into a 15 Amp socket.
Its small turning radius of 3.5m makes it easy to park and navigate in difficult city traffic conditions. Reva is twice as efficient as a petrol driven car and has an operating cost as low as Rs 0.4 / km.
Safety features like dent-proof ABS body panels, side-impact beams, a steel space frame and dual-braking system have been implanted.
Available in three versions – Reva Standard, Reva AC, Reva Classe – the car is likely to catch some attention alongside Tata’s Nano that is hogging international headlines. The top end model of Reva costs about Rs.3 lakh.


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