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Jammu and Kashmir is reeling under a long dry spell and the prevailing weather conditions are likely to continue for almost a week.

The previous time Kashmir witnessed a long dry spell was in September 2014 after floods that lasted more than two months, MeT officials said.

Jammu and Kashmir also witnessed such a prolonged dry spell in 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2014 the officials said, adding there are no indications of any immediate sign of rainfall in near future as such prevailing dry spell is going to stay. “The dry weather will last as long as the latitudinal position of the westerly wind is not restored.”

The “Tropical westerly jet stream” which emanates from the Mediterranean (west to east), through the Chitraal area of North Pakistan, usually passes over Kashmir at a latitude of 28 degrees north, the officials said. “This westerly wind has been passing at latitude of 36 degrees north ever since the start of the present dry spell due to rise in the elevation of pressure drop position in the Mediterranean, which is usually 1.5 Kilometres above the sea level.”

Reports say that there was 28.6 mm rainfall in the month of September this year, which was 115 mm last year in the same month. In October 2016, 3.6 mm rainfall was recorded against 63.2 mm in corresponding month of previous year. As far as month of November is concerned, this year November remained completely dry against 12.9 mm rainfall recorded in the month of November last year.


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