Dumping of sand on Chenab Valley roads on rise

M M Malik


Along with causing health problems, sand and other construction material has also led to serious road accidents in the Doda district roads.

Almost every day news pertaining to encroachment of roads and resultant accidents taking place are reported in various parts of the Chenab Valley.

There are many reasons to cite in this regards. The ever increasing rush of people towards urban areas, narrow roads, huge traffic (public & private) etc.

Added to it is encroachment on roads by shopkeepers, rahriwallas etc. But worst encroachment has been done by some contractors who sell construction material like sand, bricks, iron rods, bajri etc. on Doda Thatri road .The material especially sand, bajri is seen dumped on roads is very dangerous for vehicles . Nobody seems to bother for common man. Two of four wheelers slip on sand, bajri but who cares?

Construction material lying on the road (KL Image: M M Malik)

It has become a routine affair from Doda to Thatri on KIshtwar road . This also gives rise to fumes of dust. One can’t breathe but there is no value for human life.

It is notable to mention here that many times district administration Doda has directed builders and contractors who sale Sand in Doda district not use public road space to store construction material. It has warned action against encroaching upon road space but implementation on ground is zero.

A local journalist of Chenab Valley said, “I visited Doda to Thatri road some days back and found that construction material especially sand lying on roads and the safety component was missing.”

He said there was zero check on contractors, who were ignoring all safety measures . He said material like sand was scattered by stray animals, which made the roads slippery.

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