Earthquake Creates Chaos in Kashmir Capital



Massive traffic snarls erupted in Srinagar in wake of powerful tremors that shook the Kashmir region. Eye-witnesses said that a beeline of vehicles was stranded right from the Dalgate to Batamaloo.

Tiresome snarls added to the woes of general public already panicked by the deadly quake who wanted to reach their respective homes to know the whereabouts of their family.

In Srinagar, Press Enclave, journalists hurried out, ashen and shell-shocked, when old buildings rattled, threatening to collapse. Scores of reporters assembled outside the roads taking pictures of the tumultuous situation and panic-stricken faces.

Women’s collage reportedly asked students to leave as soon as the effects of the quake lessened. Reports coming from various colleges and universities added that panic gripped the students and teachers when the building started to shake tremendously.


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