EDI Siege: Fire in Main Building; Fire Services Called In



EDI Pampore.
J&K EDI main building.

In the on-going encounter at J&K EDI Sempora, Pampore, reports reaching here said that blazes of smoke are emanating from the main EDI building.

“We can’t see the building right now such is the amount of smoke which has engulfed the whole structure,” sources said.

Three to five militants are hiding inside EDI min building since Saturday evening when they attacked a CRPF convoy. Five forces personnel have already been killed including three CRPF men and two Para troopers.

EDI in flames.
EDI in flames. (Photo courtesy: Mehraj Bhat)

“Para troopers are using grenades room by room,” police sources said, “fire and emergency services has already been called in.”

Local witnesses rang up Kashmir Life saying they are watching the building in flames.

Sources said that the security grid involved in the operation was requested by almost all the political parties and some civil society groups to not damage the building.


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