Editors Guild of India Wants JK Police To Withdraw Encounter Advisory

SRINAGAR: The Editors Guild of India on Saturday called for the Kashmir police to withdraw it’s advisory against live reporting of encounters.

In a statement, the guild said the police had forbidden journalists from reporting live encounters with militants “on the specious plea that it is ‘likely to incite violence’ or that it can promote ‘anti-national sentiment’. Nothing can be further from the truth.”

The EGI said the security forces were trying to escape scrutiny about the events behind instances of violence.

“Live reporting from conflict areas, including encounters between security forces and militants, is one of the most important journalistic duties of any responsible media, and requires extreme grit and determination on the part of reporters. At best, there may be some guidelines that can be issued with respect to reporting from such scenes, with the aim of protecting the integrity of tactics and plans of security agencies, as well as to avoid journalists from interfering with the evolving situation and from sensationalising the issue that can stir up emotions at audience’s end,” the guild said.

It said the Kashmir police advisory was draconian and undemocratic.


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