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Amidst cold weather, the valley Markets wore a festive look ahead of Eid ul Azha. People have already started purchasing Eid items including bakery, warm clothes, confectionary, kids wear and  sacrificial animals in various markets. Shoppers are complaining of price hike by the shopkeepers and the department of CAPD held a meeting on Monday to finalize the rates of Eid items.

people busy in Eid shopping. Photo by Bilal Bahadur

Various markets of city including Residency road, Lal Chowk, MA road were seen full of shoppers both from the city and far off areas of valley buying the essential commodities on Monday.

People are eagerly looking for choicest sacrificial animals. They were though complaining of unnecessary price hikes.

“I bought bakery, clothes for children. I want it all before Eid to avoid rush hours,” said Abdul Rehman  a shopper in Lal Chowk.

Complaining of soaring rates in kids wear and other items he said there should be a rate list for every item.

“Eid is still five days away and mutton and chicken dealers have started selling at high rates, which is a problem for us. We are being demanded very high rates for sacrificial animals,” said a shopper.

Sources said that CAPD minister had called a meeting on Monday  to finalize the rates of Eid items in particular. Sources however did not reveal the details of the meeting.

Markets across Kashmir Valley are flooded with people as residents come out in large numbers to shop for Eid-ul-Azha.

Bakeries, confectioneries and toy shops are witnessing heavy rush of customers as the Eid festival is fast approaching.

Shopping outlets dealing with clothing, including kids wear, perfumes and footwear also saw brisk sales.

Roadside vendors have also set up stalls selling all kinds of merchandise.


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