Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani (a former Kashmir Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) leader), Sunday termed the statement of Jama’at-i-Islami Hind leader Ejaz Aslam as “ordinary and unrealistic”.

“It doesn’t suite a person who claims to believe in Almighty and All powerful Allah that he will make such conclusions on the basis of what the situation seems to be and instead of stopping the oppressor; he will lecture the lessons of slavery to the oppressed people and will make fun of their voices and their precious sacrifices,” the Hurriyat (g) statement said this evening.

“It will be in the interest of not only Kashmiris but India and Pakistan too if they reconcile with India,” Ejaz Aslam had told a youth gathering in South Kashmir’s Islamabad on Friday.

“These are the views of a person with sense of defeat and it looks that the Kashmir visit of the said leader was not any coincidence or any specific religious tour but he comes with a mission to dishearten the people of Kashmir and prepare them for an unconditional slavery of India,” the Hurriyat amalgam statement said.

Advising the JeI Hind leader to thoroughly read the history, Hurriyat (g) said, “no struggling nation has failed in achieving their goal so far and sooner or later the truth prevails over the power and sometimes a small group overcomes a larger group. It is the rule of nature and it can’t be changed by the philosophical theories.”

The Hurriyat group said, “we had many years ago expressed apprehensions that the visiting of Molvi Sahiban from India related to different schools of thoughts to the Valley is not a usual process or insignificant but it is the well thought and indirect plan of the policy makers of India for which they spent millions of dollars. The goal which India failed to achieve with the help of its military might and issuing benefits and perks, they want to do that by buying the services of some Molvi Sahiban.”

“Terrifying Kashmiris that they can’t win this battle by reckoning India-a powerful country, these views of Ejaz Aslam are not only unfair but these are the childish thinking which doesn’t suite even to a common man,” the Hurriyat (g) statement further added. “Instead of issuing advice to Kashmiris, the JeI Hind leader should have addressed the rulers of India that they have illegally occupied a nation with its military might and to continue this forced relation they have backtracked from all their promises made on national as well as international levels. Due to this rigidity and stubbornness the millions of Indian people are forced to live a life below poverty line and millions die of starvation.”

Terming the “advocacy” of the JeI Hind leader for the BJP that “BJP surely bears the communal tag but it has changed a lot over the years. Everybody in the party is not Sakshi Maharaj,” as “surprising and sorrowful”, Hurriyat Conference (g) said, “many world famous intellectuals and scholars of India are very concerned with the BJP coming into power and regarding their agenda. But Ejaz Aslam has made his position very awkward in the run of becoming ‘more loyal than the king’.”

“Hurriyat Conference (g) appeals all the religious organizations of the Kashmir that they should cautiously deal with the Molvi Sahiban coming from India and rethink over the policy of inviting of such people who make fun of our precious and tremendous sacrifices,” the statement said.


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