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MLA Langate and President AIP Engineer Rashid has demanded that either CBI or some other credible agency must probe the allegations that former army chief had given money to Gh. Hassan Mir to encourage and  engineer public uprising during 2010 agitation and Singh had also given huge money to certain NGO’S for his personal vested interests.

In a press statement Rashid said, “It is strange that National Conference leaders are asking Mir to resign as if Mir doesn’t have the moral courage to resign. Omar Abdullah should have shown him the door and threw him out of his cabinet. One fails to understand that why on one side NC Leaders are crying against Mir for his alleged involvement to topple Omar Abdullah government in 2010 but at the other hand seem to be helpless in taking any action against him. Mir must himself resign as just crying innocence doesn’t prove him innocent unless some credible and independent enquiry doesn’t give him a clean chit.”

The statement further reads that the Congress’s role as usual seems to be dubious and they seem to be working on the hidden agenda and want to make Kashmir a battle field for their political likings. The charges have raised serious question marks on the professional working of Indian army and it has also proved that this whole drama was being played to encourage fake encounters and give a notion that situation by no means is conducive for revocation of AFSPA.

Eng Rashid further said that even a man selling banana’s at a street cries that Kashmiri politicians have been getting money from various agencies and therefore do not want to get Kashmir issues resolved, as resolution of dispute will mean an end to the vested interest which they are deriving out of the dispute. He further said, “Even Kashmiris have a perception that their leaders sell them out and believe that even many of them are on the pay roles of both Indian and Pakistani agencies, thus making this holy land a battle field of vested interests. If New Delhi is sincere it must come out clean on the issue and order an high level impartial enquiry and must make it public that how much money it’s agencies have given to various political parties, individuals NGO’s and other organization to divide Kashmiri people on ideological and sectarian basis. Who doesn’t know that infighting between Phadies and non Phadies, Kashmiris and non Kashmiris and believers of various faiths is being largely sponsored by the agencies just to grab money and mislead New Delhi. It seems as if intelligence agencies and army are bent up to create confusion in Kashmir and do everything to stop genuine Kashmiri leadership from fighting for their political rights. If charges on   Singh and Mir are believed to be true regarding their role in 2010 agitation then it automatically vindicates stand of those sincere Kashmiris who have been claiming that their movement for resolution for Kashmir dispute is purely peaceful and stone pelting is always a reaction to the use of disproportionate force used by security forces. The allegations are enough to count the blood of those innocent martyrs who lost their lives in 2010 on the heads of General VK Singh and his gangsters.”



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