Engineers threaten protest if demands not met


The Jammu and Kashmir Mechanical Graduates Association (JKMGA) on Sunday in a statement expressed their concern towards the negative apathy shown by the government for the redressal of their all long pending issues.

In a statement JKMGA said that the pending issues in their favour which primarily revolve around regularization at all levels, issuance of SRO for the already approved assured career progression scheme, redressal of pay anomaly at the Junior Engineer level, filling of all vacancies especially from JE to AE  strictly as per the engineering service rule and due prescribed quota of degree – diploma ratio and the enhancement of frequent travel allowance from mere Rs.30 per month which is joke played by the government on engineers despite the quantum of work and standard of professionalism shown by the engineering community.

JKMGA President, Firdous Ahad Bhat in a statement while conveying the issues said that “Engineers being the backbone of development and state machinery leave no stone unturned in performing their duties and facilitating general public by the prime works for which we are meant  including construction of roads, buildings, water supply schemes, irrigation facilities etc. The recent snowfall which lead to the disruption of normal services and the immediate restoration of the same by the engineering committee, whether it’s road clearance, water supply, electricity restoration and emergency hospital services must open the eyes of the government towards the needs of engineers.”

JKMGA in a statement once again request the governor to take review of these issues as promised by employees grievance committee headed by Advisor K K Sharma in a recently held meeting with the State Joint Action Committee at the winter capital of Jammu.

The association also said that “we never wish to opt the path of confrontation but prefer to serve the people of the state, but such callous and non serious response has pushed us to even issue press statements and if such behaviour continues then there is no option left but to opt for strikes and protests.”


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