Ensure excellent official accommodation for frontline health care workers: SDSJK


In an extraordinary meeting through medium of video conference, members of Society Of Dental Surgeons, J&K(SDSJK) showed serious concern about the families of medical staff who are working as frontline workers while handling Covid Crisis.

In a statement Dr Imtiyaz Banday, President SDSJK said medical professionals who work at covid hospitals are probable tickling bombs and a threat for their families. In these circumstances when there is no measures available for protection against coronavirus, it is full of risk to meet family members back home after performing duties.

SDSJK spokesperson Dr Adil Wani demanded excellent official residential facilities for all medical staff who are dealing with such patients.

He added that the government should come with some contingency plan for pick and drop of hospital employees during the lockdown. We can’t allow our families to suffer.

SDSJK is hopeful that government will wake from a deep slumber and take necessary measures to safeguard our interests.


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