Ensure patient care on holidays: DHSK to doctors


Directorate of Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) on Tuesday asked doctors and other medical staff not to abstain from work on holidays till government comes up with a decision on their projected demands.

“The Government has already constituted a high-level committee to look into the demands of the doctors, but suo-moto they (doctors) cannot start deviating from the established and adopted practices of patient care and abstain from work on gazetted holidays,” a statement of the DHSK said.

The paramount fundamental duty of a doctor is to administer treatment to an ailing person and make all endeavour to save a patient’s life. If a doctor refuses to attend a patient, prima facie, it is a serious professional misconduct, the statement added.

“They may have a right to take steps for redressal of their grievance but those steps cannot include denial or refusal on the part of a doctor to attend his medical duties or treatment of patients,” it further said.

DHSK also said that the Supreme Court has also taken a serious view regarding strikes by doctors and has impressed upon the Central and State Governments to take strong action against striking doctors.

“It is as such impressed upon all the doctors to make available their services to the needy patients as per the past practice till Government decides upon the various issues raised by them. Any misconduct, absenteeism, strike or non-attending of duties in this regard shall be dealt under the relevant laws and rules,” the statement said.


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