Ensure people of Beerwah all basic amenities: Omar Abdullah to admin


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Thursday censured the local administration for its callous and numb attitude in dealing with the exigencies arising after recent snowfall in the Beerwah constituency.

In a statement issued from party headquarters, Omar Abdullah said, “The recent snowfall has disrupted the normal life in the area. Electricity, water availability in the area is adversely hit. Delivery of rations, essential commodities is not of people’s satisfaction. I fail to understand what district administration is doing. People have been left to fend for themselves. People living in remote hamlets are facing scarcity of food and other items including medicines.”

“Many areas in the Beerwah constituency continue to remain inundated under water. Dewatering pumps haven’t been put to use as of now. Main roads have turned into cesspools,” he added.

Omar said that the local health care institutions are non-operational due to the non-availability of doctors. “Compounding the problem is the routes leading to hospitals which have not been cleared of snow yet. Main arterials and other interior roads too continue to remain covered with snow,” he said.

“I have been receiving complains that the attendance of officials and other associated staff in various local government offices is sparse,” he said adding, “I urge the incumbent divisional administration of Kashmir to rise up to the occasion and ensure all basic and effective amenities to the people there,” he said.

Party Vice President impressed upon the divisional administration to depute teams of revenue officials to ascertain the losses to people in the Beerwah Constituency. “People have suffered immense losses to their property including orchards. I urge the incumbent governor administration to ascertain the amount of looses suffered following the recent snowfall and provide adequate compensation to the effected people as soon as possible,” he said adding that people whose households have suffered heavy damages should be given accommodation at some other place.


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