Er Rashid asks EU Delegation to play its role in resolving the Kashmir Dispute

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President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rashid has stressed upon European Union delegation to use its good offices in getting an end to the miseries of Kashmiri people and play its role in resolving the Kashmir dispute.

While interacting with the members of the delegation of European Union, Er Rashid told them that Kashmiris had lot of expectation from the world community but feel led down, discriminated and isolated from every body.

He said that European Union and other credible international organizations should use their good offices and fulfill their duty to bring India and Pakistan to the table for a meaningful, concrete and time bound dialogue.

“Though Jammu and Kashmir is purely a political issue but fact of the matter is that unfortunately for one reason or the other it is Kashmiri Muslims who are the worst sufferers and victims of a conflict which has been thrust upon them for none of their faults,” said Er Rashid.

According to spokesman, Er Rashid submitted a detailed memorandum to the delegation, high lighting the human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir and lack of commitment and will on behalf of Indian leaders and world community to resolve the long pending dispute in its historic prospective.

“Kashmiris being the victim of the conflict and turmoil do have the deep desire than any body to have peace but peace with out justice has always been a distinct dream in any part of the world and same is true to Kashmir,” he said.

“Though Kashmiris by nature are the most peace loving people but at the same time don’t have any reason to succumb and withdraw from their genuine political aspirations. While India and Pakistan should definitely be motivated and compelled to sit on the table of dialogue but should never be allowed to take Kashmiris for granted and should make the dialogue time bound and result oriented,” he further added.

He said that European Union must ask India and Pakistan not to keep JK dispute hostage to their internal problems and political compulsions as JK dispute has claimed more than one lakh lives since last thirty years and should be seen through a human angle.

“Best way to get rid of militancy in Kashmir and other parts of the world is to do justice with the people so that the suppressers do not get a logic to take arms in their hands to seek justice,” he said adding  though Kashmiris have been participating in democratically held elections but these elections do not by any way, standard or logic mean authentication of instrument of accession between India and Pakistan.

The head of the delegation Joao Cravinho said that European Union will definitely see the ways and means as to how it can help in persuading India and Pakistan to settle the dispute within a stipulated time with out taking Kashmiris far granted.



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