Er Rashid Assails BJP Over West Pakistan Refugee Policy


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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) President and MLA Langate, Er Rashid Thursday castigated central government over its proposed move to grant incentives and citizenship rights to refugees of West Pakistan and warned BJP of dire consequences if such anti-Kashmir moves are carried ahead and urged upon BJP to refrain from such steps.

In a statement Rashid said, “Central Government has innovated such package for the refugees of West Pakistan that it will disturb not just mainstream and Hurriyat but also politics of a layman.”

“Not only is Home Ministry under Rajnath Singh aiming to provide jobs to these 11 lac refugees but also looking to bring them at par with the Kashmiri Pandits,” Rashid said adding “the central government in a shameful manner and brazen violation of all norms has given ultimatum of one year to State Government to grant within one year  8 seats, vote rights , permanent citizenship rights  to these refuges in Assembly under recommendations of Parliamentary Commissions.”

Rashid said that this is no less than a catastrophe for the people of Kashmir. “By its nefarious designs Sangh Parivar wants to achieve in one year what was not achieved in past 64 years,” Rashid said.

“If India could send back refugees to Bangladesh and Burma, similarly, Pakistan has sent 4 million Afghan refugees back why can’t these West Pakistan refugees be sent back,” Rashid asked.


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