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While calling the attack on Sanaullah as an organized act carried out by the jail authorities, the independent lawmaker Engineer Rashid while expressing his condolence with the bereaved family has said, “Rajni should be booked for the murder and her services should be terminated as every day it has been proved that she does not deserve such a prestigious post.”

As per a statement Engineer has said, “Sannaullah is not the first prisoner who has fallen victim of biased, communal and dirty attitude of Jail authorities as the records reveal that so far nearly one dozen Kashmiri and Pakistani prisoners especially militants have lost their lives in different jails in and outside state due to the brutalities and carelessness of jail authorities.” And added, “The only difference in this and previous incidents is that this one is purely an act of revenge of attack on Sarabjit in Pakistani Jail. It has led to the policy of eye for eye between the two countries.”

While giving reference to his arguments in assembly, Rasheed has said that he had raised his voice time and again during last three years for the ‘communal and inhuman’ role of Kotbalwal Jail Superindent Rajni Sehgal towards Kashmiri and Pakistani Prisoners. But he has alleged that government never gave any proper ‘heed’ to the issue.

While expressing solidarity with the Pakistani and Kashmiri prisoners in Kotbalwal Jail who today raised strong protest inside the jail against the murder of Sannaullah, MLA Langate has warned jail authorities against any retaliatory action against prisoners. He has said, “If Jail authorities in Kotbalwal do not change their attitude towards Kashmiri and Pakistani prisoners, I will not hesitate from protesting in front of Kotbalwal Jail and will ensure that the dirty and inhuman attitude of government and jail authorities comes to an end.”


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