Erratic Power Supply To Affect On Children, Ailing People

KL Report


As the valley continues to reel under darkness due to unscheduled power cuts, the health experts in valley Wednesday expressed serious concern over the effects of erratic power supply on children and the ailing people.

Dr. Altaf Hussain, the leading Child Specialist of Valley while talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), said the power crises can have the adverse affects valley’s children and that it could also affect their mental well being. “The most hazardous affect of the power crises on Children would be that it could damage their eye sight and if this could happen at young age, it becomes difficult to cure it later.”

Dr. Altaf further stated that the mental health of children could be adversely affected and that there are high chances that a child could land into depression.

The General Physician Syed Sajad Hussian said that the patients suffering from Astama are expected to be in the tough times in winter and especially when there is dearth of electricity. “We have some patients who are on nebulizers and the supply of electricity is necessary for the same and when there is dearth of the power supply the patient could land in trouble.”

Dr. Sajad who is also the president of the Junior physicians association Kashmir said that the doctors at present in valley are advising the patients, suffering from breathing aliments, should leave valley during the harsh winters.  “But at the same time we understand the plight of those patients who cannot afford to move outside valley, they will have to bear the brunt, we can only feel sorry for them.”

Several people across the state are also raising apprehensions that the private nursing homes in valley are not having any hot lines and those patients  undergoing treatment in these hospitals are expected to go through the troubled times due to the prevailing power crises in valley.


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