Eve Teasing: A growing menace

Shaheen Rahim

With modernization creeping into our society, the immoral acts of eve teasing have taken a startle turn in Kashmir. Not to talk of the cases of domestic violence and social abuses that has been ruling this society from ages. Eve teasing has emerged as a new peevish trend adapted by the “modern” men to harass woman.

One on my friend recalls an incident when she was traveling back home from her college. As soon as she de-boarded the bus and started walking through the road, she was surprised to find three guys coming behind and stalking at her. As an add-on to her annoyance, they gave her a sly whistle and started blaring songs. She felt very weird and disturbed but she was fortunate enough to saw her brother coming by and felt safe.

Eve teasing is a menace that has grown to alarming proportions now. It starts with perverted teasing and goes on with sexually suggestive remarks, groping and making lewd gestures. Public transport is the hot bed for this growing menace. Physical bullying in overloaded buses induces the feeling of embarrassment and shame.

Eve teasing if not handled can have worse consequences. It can leave a permanent psychological scar on a woman. Girls facing such harassments are confused, frustrated, feel helpless and angry. Sometimes they even drop out from college, offices and in the worst case end up with suicides.

The best way to deter stubborn eve teasers who defy and question authority is to produce them before their family and unmask their true instincts. The sense of shame will ensure that they never resort to such a thing again and further this will serve as a severe warning for others who even think of indulging in it.

This crime is always sidelined and usually kept out of contention.

People of Kashmir need to wake up.


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