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Genesis of graffiti in Kashmir is not very new. It was present but, it‘s use was limited. It is believed that Graffiti in Kashmir was influenced from Palestine, especially the post intifada era. After the 2010 uprising in Kashmir, the graffiti culture become a new medium of expression after arms and stones.

Urban areas especially, Down town, Maisuma, Old town Anantnag, Sopore and old town Baramulla became vibrant in graffiti during the 2010 uprising. Even in 90’s era various pro azaadi outfits like H.M, JKLF would use graffiti. Graffiti these days is becoming popular among the young rebellious crowd.


This kid poses before camera without knowing what the graffiti on the walls are about. Intafada (uprising) word inspired from Palestinian uprising.


This grafffiti depicts the narration of 90’s when Kalashnikov was considered as the chief weapon of resistance. Anger of 90’s still resides as has been shown on the picture. The sketch on the wall depicts the anger in the eyes of Kashmir.

This graffiti depicts a message of revolution. While the words of Inqalab(Revolution) are embedded in every wall of Kashmir. Has it been reflected within the hearts? We tend to forgot!?


This Picture depicts ‘love in all air”.


Uncertainty: A local guy, his head down. He like most of young knows about PSA ( Public Safety Act). An act meant to snatch your freedom & dreams!

Graffiti reveals pain of Palestine with in Kashmir.  There is pain felt in graffiti and anguish a Palestinian might feel over occupation. It also somehow, appreciates resistance portrayed by people in Palestine.


Taking Gaza as an inspiration, Kashmir too has felt the pain as Gaza. Graffiti Supports resistance in both parts. And also supports the need of freedom.


Graffiti expresses common sentiment within any Kashmiri over illegal occupation. Need for freedom is an aspiration which continues from decades. More oppression, more strong is the resentment.


A common word painted on walls. These words were giving a fresh transparent look on the walls of this newly painted hotel.


This picture depicts  the concept of one Ummah as in the graffiti, Allah-hu-Akbar is inscribed.

Common sentiment within Kashmir is being erased for fear of consequences since Graffiti is considered as the resistance within the hearts of Kashmiri’s for refusing to bow down before the oppressor.


A slogan which echoed in the air during three year unrest starting from 2008. This photo clicked in normal situation has stillness of any day during curfews.

Wall scripted with Gaza strip again justifies what Gaza means for Muslim world. Usually, in Kashmir Maisuma and Nowhtta is given a similarity with Gaza, for it resists…

‘Police state’… the graffiti reveals everything about how police acts in Kashmir… Police taking away freedom and putting you behind bars… as they say new ‘law makers’

‘ Hijab’ or Pardah.. Graffiti explicitly narrates the importance of pardah for modesty of woman. A Girl in picture is an example of it.

Jamia Masjid always epitomized a resistance. A graffiti mentioned says it all … no power on can change the reality.

Sun had signed off its day when this guy was making this graffiti while his aides where helping him showing the torch.

Hashim Hakeem is currently pursuing his Masters in journalism from Kashmir University.


  1. graffitti are becoming another path to vent out anger amongst youth. it also shows the influence upon the new generation it creates. sharing of pain a commonality between different people creates a sharing point.
    but still not so professionaly done as else where.
    kudos to our new photojournalist.

  2. yo are you an art critic hah and the above graffiti “Breaking kalashnikovs” is done by a break dancing crew tagging the name of their crew on that wall.

    and the guy in black and red is made free hand , this guy is a black bloc anarchy protestor not an angry eyes.

    and you don’t know anything about graffiti scene.

    all you know is political graffiti made by some political parties in order to make chaos.


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