Er Rashid

er-rashidEvery street in Kashmir seems to be appealing its politicians for self introspection. Let us stop the blame game and enjoying from the revelations made by Gen. VK Singh. No doubt VK Singh deserves to be abused and accused but where do we stand?

Even an ordinary Kashmiri is not able to stop himself from having a big laugh while going through the sensational headlines in our newspapers when revealing the so-called main stream abusing VK Singh and stalwarts claiming to be separatists labeling elected honorable as puppets of New Delhi and stooges of Indian army. It is not a secret that not only army but other agencies have also sponsored white collar political renegades and under their patronage they carry forward hidden agendas of their masters.

Those who were bound and believed to be custodians of rights, sentiments and aspirations of the people whom they are representing, unfortunately seem to have surrendered their own rights, sentiments and aspirations like a mortgage with their masters who treat them like their mistresses. Kashmiris definitely feel let down as they are worried that why even God the Almighty and most merciful is not coming to their rescue.

They want an answer why all saner forces seem to be having a common mission that is to derive entertainment out of sufferings and blood of Kashmiris. If today it is Gh. Hassan Mir and other mainstream politicians finding themselves naked and exposed, tomorrow it can be those who claim to be fighting for the aspirations and sentiments of Kashmiri people.

Even drawing room intellectuals and so called ‘political Pandits’ do whisper each other at coffee shops and in the heavens of Gulmarg and Pahalgam (The places where unluckily I have never found time to visit even once in my life) with authority and command that while some are on the pay role of Indian agencies, some on that of Pakistan and few lucky intellectual politicians are making it from both.

These ‘Netas’ may be trying to justify themselves by assuming that to error is human and God is to forgive but need to know that God the Almighty has no responsibility to take for their dirty misdeeds. Though UPA by making DGMI’s investigations public wanted to hit at VK Singh for his relations with Narinder Modi and also wanted to give Kashmiris and outside world an impression that 2010 uprising was not an indigenous and was rather an army sponsored disturbance to achieve some strategic targets. They wanted to demoralize Kashmiris. It was kindof a pre-emptive measure forcing Kashmiris to think a million times before becoming part of any sincere people’s uprising and revolt against the state, fearing that it too may be managed and sponsored by agencies.

But in order to defend himself from DGMI’s revelations, VK Singh made fresh revelations that every mainstream politician has been on the pay roll of army.

These fresh revelations toppled UPA’s plan as the focus shifted from 2010 agitation to dirty and shameful infiltration of army into political setup of J and K.

The army’s intentions and professional duties and capabilities have come under big scanner.

VK Singh’s fresh revelations and then his attempts for damage control have snatched from India the right of accusing and abusing Pakistan army and ISI of working like a rouge element to destabilize its neighboring countries, infiltrate into democratically elected successive govts. in Pakistan and causing credibility and identity crises to its own name and fame. Indian can no longer claim that its army is most disciplined (Though Kashmiris never believed in it) and can neither claim to be the world’s largest democracy because its own army general has unfortunately exposed it the way even worst enemies of India would not have.

Finally let everybody including Kashmiris and General VK Singh and those wearing masks to hide their dual identity know it that agents will be exposed one day and the truth has to prevail. The one, who sooner realizes it, is the ultimate gainer.


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