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Director MeT Sonam Lotus who is a popular figure in Kashmir for providing ‘accurate’ weather updates has lodged a complaint in police station against the persons running fake facebook accounts on his name.

“I am a responsible person and a public figure and I will never dare to post messages that can offend others and neither I can mislead people by giving wrong information. Several fake facebook accounts have come up and the administrators are using my name,” Sonam Lotus told CNS.

He said that a day after flood threat loomed over Kashmir, a new fake facebook account under the name, ‘Sonam Lotus – J&K Weather’ appeared on social media wherein the user using his name was able to garner over 3,000 ‘Likes’ a day. “It doesn’t worry me at all but what is worrisome that fake user may sometimes provide wrong information abouth weather and that will be a blow to my credibility,” he said adding that people are already panicked and single wrong information may make them suffer more.

“That fake facebook user even uploaded his status in Kashmiri language knowing it well that I barely know Kashmiri. I have informed Police about the matter and I appeal all the people not to fall prey to such cheaters and furthermore I want to inform people of Kashmir that I have been running only my personal account that goes by my own name which is operational from last four to five years,” he said.

He appealed police to take the matter seriously and identify the fake users.


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