SRINAGAR: Two individuals involved in fraudulent activities conned a woman out of her hard earned money by exploiting the concept of magic in the Budgam district of central Kashmir.

The victimised woman had dedicated a sum of Rs 70,000 for her daughter’s forthcoming wedding. Exploiting the absence of any male members within the household, the swindlers successfully deceived both the mother and daughter.

This incident transpired on the 9th of Muharram in the village of Zurgund, situated in the Budgam district.

While talking to news agency KNT the daughter of the victim Saleem Bano wife of late Ghulam Muhammad Dar said that two persons entered their house with the claim that they double the money.

“The duo claimed that they provide amulets to people to ease their sufferings. They started telling us that all their problems will be solved while one of them asked my mother where she has kept the money meant for the marriage of her daughter,” she said.

“We were only two in the house. My mother trusted them and hoped that they will double the money. She handed over Rs 70,000 to them. I don’t know what happened then as I went to the kitchen to prepare tea for them. When I returned they handed over a weighty packet tied by a thread covered by Rs 10 note.”

One of them asked us to open the packet after 9 days.

“I checked the weight of the packet and thought money is there but today when we opened it, there were pieces of paper.”

She said that they have registered a complaint at the police station.

The victim Saleema said that the money siphoned from her was meant for the marriage of her daughter.

An official said that CCTV footage has been obtained and efforts are on to nab both thugs. [KNT]


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