Farooq has broken all records of dissimulation: Er Rashid

KL Report


While castigating the statement of National Conference patron Dr Farooq Abdullah in which he had held former Home Secretary of India R.K.Singh responsible for the secret execution of Muhammad Afzal Guru.,  MLA Langate and Awami Ittihaad  Party (AIP) President Engineer Rashid termed the same as a “ploy to hoodwink voters” and stated that by this statement Farooq Abdullah has broken all records of dissimulation.

According to a statement, Rashid termed NC, PDP as “killers” of Afzal Guru and said that they cannot rid their conscience of the crimes they have committed against nation of Kashmir. “If the assertions of Farooq Abdullah have any truth in them than it becomes all the more clear that affairs of Jammu & Kashmir are run by clerks of Home Ministry,” stated Engineer Rashid. Pertinently, Engineer Rashid was today campaigning in the public rallies at Handwara and Sangrama constituency of Baramulla Lok Sabha Seat.

“NC, PDP adopted criminal silence when they could have saved Afzal Guru and both parties played a key role in framing charges and in sentence against Afzal Guru. These parties have no right to play politics over sacred blood of Afzal Guru and should stop  playing with sentiments of people of Kashmir, added Engineer Rashid.

Rashid made it clear that Farooq Abdullah and PDP Leaders cannot free themselves from their brutal act of taking part in murder of   Afzal Guru despite these parties cooking so many false stories. “If Farooq Abdullah was so serious than why National Conference did not support my resolution to save Afzal Guru? .Although if the childish statement of Farooq Abdullah that Azal Guru was secretly hanged on the orders of than Home Secretary RK Singh has some element of truth in it than it aptly proves that Jammu & Kashmir affairs are not run by the so called elected government but by clerks of Home Ministry,” observed Engineer Rashid.

Rashid affirmed that he had been time and again stating that members of assembly are mere puppets in Jammu& Kashmir while the government is run by clerks of Delhi Darbar.


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