Financial Management Deficiencies In SKIMS: Report

KL Report


The number of patients visiting the only super specialty hospital SKIMS has gone up by 28 percent. The number of patients, who attended the 32 clinical departments, was 5, 16, 860 in 2007-08 and it raised to 6, 60, 482 in 2011-12 though there was a significant dip in 2010-11.

The reason for increasing rush of patients in SKIMS OPD might be because of the deficiency on the part of the primary health care service providers. It was state by Dr Subhash Chandra Panday, Principal Accountant General J&K, in his report released on Thursday.

In his report, Dr Panday has written that the tertiary character of the institute was thus getting diluted.

While elaborating more on the fuss created in the SKIMS, the report reads that several financial management deficiencies like under utilization of funds, irregular with drawls for crediting of funds to the civil deposit heads and unauthorized retention and utilization of hospital receipts were noticed by Audit in SKIMS. “There are abnormal delays in the procurement of medical equipment which resulted in locking up of funds”, reads the report.


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