FIR Against Er Rashid And 13 Others Not Admitted

KL Report


President Awami Itihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er. Rashid has termed the out come of investigations of charges against him and thirteen others leveled by the police in an FIR No. 149/2010 u/s 147,149,427,332,440/RPC at Police Station Handwara in year 2010 as his moral and legal victory.

“It has exposed high handedness of police, which the vested elements in the police force have been enjoying throughout,” he said in a statement issued on Thursday.

He further said that he has received a confirmation from Assembly Secretariat Srinagar on behalf of police station Handwara that the charges leveled against him and others in 2010 have been investigated and on account of investigation the FIR stands closed and the case is not deemed to be worth admitting.

“Though I and my other colleagues feel relaxed over the out come of the investigation but at the same time it should serve as an eye opener for the government, security agencies and human rights organizations that how police has been trying to defame and humiliate the citizens by leveling false charges against them and is trying to shut down their mouth so that they can not raise their voice against the police atrocities and other human rights violations, he said adding, “let me ask the Chief Minister and the police chief that if it took your police nearly four years to find that whether the charges leveled in the FIR against the MLA whom you called honorable dozen times a day, are worth to be admitted, then how difficult and impossible it would be for common men to prove their innocence, who have been facing the state terrorism in a state which seems to be like a lawless island.”

Er Rashid said that he and his colleagues are thinking of approaching the court to seek compensation on account of damages caused due to the fake and fabricated FIR lodged against them by the police.

It is worth to mention that Handwara police had lodged an FIR during 2010 upraising in police station Handwara against Er. Rashid and others when he had approached police station to lodge a complaint against police officials who had tortured few youth.

According to AIP statement, “ rather than taking notice of the MLA’s complaint, he was dragged and humiliated inside the police station and surprisingly FIR was lodged against him and thirteen others out of which no one was there with the MLA at the time of incident.”


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