Flood Aftermath: People Thronging To Banks To Have Glimpse Of Their Lockers

KL Report


As the worst ever torrential rains and floods washed everything away in the summer capital of the state, people on Monday were seen thronging the banks located in the city centre to have a glimpse of their lockers wherein they have kept their valuables.

According to the KNS correspondent, scores of people were seen outside the banks located in the city centre to confirm about the safety of the lockers containing vital documents and other valuables.

Reports maintained further that it was all chaos witnessed in Lal Chowk areas including the           Residency road and the adjoining places with the people expressing serious concern over the flood aftermath that has destroyed everything in the business hub of Kashmir.

“I heard that the banks in Lal Chowk are opening on Monday. I came here just to have a look of the locker wherein I have kept the documents of my land and house,” said Mohammad Shafi, resident of upper town. He added further that during all the time since the floods struck Lal Chowk, he got sleepless nights and was much worried about the condition of the documents that were inside the locker.

Another woman was seen reciting some Quranic verses while praying for the safety of her valuables lying inside the locker. She told this correspondent that all earnings of her entire life are in the locker. “I came here to have a glimpse of the bank but the employees here are not allowing anyone inside. They say come later,” she added.

Meanwhile, when asked the employees of various banks told KNS that water had entered into almost all lockers and the ones containing documents could perhaps have been partially damaged. The added further that after the cleaning is done, customers will be allowed to operate their respective accounts.

The worst floods hit Lal Chowk on September 7, leaving behind massive destruction. Flood waters entered into the otherwise commercial hub, damaging the electronics and related commodities inside the malls and other shops at large. The shopkeepers allege that no warning was issued by the state government about the possible drift of flood waters into Lal Chowk and if timely  intimation would have been issued by the administration, the property worth crores would have been saved. 


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