Follow South Kashmir: Khan to Centre and North

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Senior separatist leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Friday congratulated the people of South Kashmir for boycotting the Lok Sabha polls held a day earlier.

People by and large did not vote in most of the South Kashmir areas on Thursday.

Khan is undergoing house arrest since last one week.

“The people of South Kashmir proved that Kashmiris are enough mature to safeguard their political interests and honour the great sacrifices of their martyrs,” Khan said in a statement.

Khan claimed that had the separatist leadership been allowed to campaign freely against the polls the polling percentage would have been even lower. “The credit goes to the people of South Kashmir and those hundreds of youngsters who resisted and protested despite war type deployments of forces,” Khan said. He added that credit also goes to those activists who were arrested and detained only for campaigning against the election.

“These youngsters have exhibited that people of Kashmir know how to safeguard their,” Khan said.

He appealed the people of central and North Kashmir to follow their Southern brethren on April 30 and May 7.

Central Kashmir is going to poll on Wednesday for Srinagar Lok Sabha seat.


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