Food Act: Hurriyat (g) says, ‘Clear Public Reservations’



All Parties Hurriyat Conference led by octogenarian Syed Ali Geelani Thursday cautioned state government for not taking “public reservations” into account before implementing National Food Security Act in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Whatever are the reasons and purpose of the implementation of this act in the state but the reservations of the public in this regard cannot be taken as meaningless and secondary and until these reservations are not clarified or removed, the public reaction against this act is genuine and use of brutal force against these protests is every way a condemnable act,” a Hurriyat (g) statement said this evening.

“The Indian government follow different policies in India and in Jammu & Kashmir and their every action in this disputed state has a deeper and secret aspect and they every time try to strengthen their forced occupation in this state. The policy makers are very much scared and upset with the on-going resistance movement in Kashmir and for this they want to punish its citizens in every possible ways. They not only want to suppress the Kashmiri people with the barrel of gun but they are also working on a plan to cripple the Kashmiris people in every respect,” the Hurriyat (g) alleged “for this purpose on the one hand if they are looting the natural resources of the state with both hands, on the other hand they don’t want to give any relaxation or any kind of benefit to the people.”

Hurriyat statement further said, “Indian policy makers are following a well thought-out plan to drain the economy of the Kashmir and for that purpose not only the lakhs of non-state labourers, skilled workers and other professionals have been stationed here but they are also harassing the Kashmiri people by increasing the prices of the food items every now and then.”

Hurriyat (g) criticized the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led government that “during the election drama campaigns this party was claiming to bring down skies for the people but all those promises proved to be hoax and now the same people are harassed and tricked on every necessity of life”. “However,” the statement said, “the Indian forced military occupation is the basic reason and real cause of all the difficulties and issues which the Kashmiri people are facing and we can’t expect any relief until the end of this occupation.”

Hurriyat amalgam strongly condemned the use of violence against the people who are protesting against the controversial act and said that police want to solve every issue with the use of gun and force which have created an environment of suffocation and helplessness in the entire state.


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