For Kashmir, One Lifetime Is Not Enough, Says RRR Star

SRINAGAR: South superstar and RRR fame Ram Charan during a conversation at the ‘Film Tourism for Economic and Cultural Preservation’ took a moment to appreciate the enchanting beauty of Kashmir and said that Kashmir is the coolest place to shoot in India.

Recalling his childhood memories, he revealed his frequent visits to the region with his father, the legendary actor Chiranjeevi.

Emphasizing the allure of Kashmir, he shared, “I may sound cliché, but Kashmir is undeniably the coolest place to shoot in India. As a second-generation actor, my father has extensively captured the magnificence of this place. There is an inexplicable charm that beckons you to explore Kashmir, and one lifetime is simply not enough.”

Ram Charan, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response received by the film RRR during his speech at the ‘Film Tourism for Economic and Cultural Preservation’ event in Srinagar. As part of the three-day Tourism Working Group Meeting of the G20 countries, the event was held at the Sheri Kashmir International Convention Centre (SKICC).

Ram Charan passionately stated, “RRR has transcended beyond being just a film; it has become India’s film. It represents the collective spirit of our nation, resonating with people from all walks of life.” The actor humbly acknowledged the immense success of the movie and its songs, particularly mentioning the song “Naatu Naatu,” while expressing his admiration for the efforts of the entire RRR team.

Ram Charan expressed his gratitude to the government and Union Minister for Tourism, Kishan Reddy, for extending the invitation to the event. As a token of appreciation, he was presented with a Kashmir shawl, which garnered thunderous applause from the audience. Additionally, the actor and the South Korean ambassador delighted the attendees with a captivating dance performance of the popular song “Naatu Naatu.”


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