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The former interlocutor M M Ansari is of the opinion that dead Guru in Tihar jail would prove more dangerous than keeping him alive.

In a statement to  Kashmir Life, Ansari said, “Guru’s dead body in Delhi Jail would prove to be more dangerous than was keeping him alive,” adding “Its political repercussions should be examined.”

In compliance with Jail Manual and CM Omar Abdullah’s request, Guru’s dead body should be given to the family, lest the matter should take ugly turns in Kashmir in the ensuing future.  Ansari said. “Let us not go to the point of no return.” Ansari said.

M M Ansari was the part of a three member interlocutors committee which was established by the central government during  2010, uprising. Dillip Padgaonkar and Radha Kumar were the other two members of the committee. The interlocutors submitted their report based on recommendations last year but the recommendations were not implemented till date.



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