Four years after mother died in a hit and run case, daughter consumed by the same road

by Pallavi Sareen

Srinagar: After losing her mother in a “hit and run” car accident four years ago, a Jammu teenage student lost her life on Tuesday after she met with an accident near Satwari airport in Jammu district.

According to the family, the deceased student identified as Jasvinder Kaur, 17, was returning home from her school in a two-wheeler with her brother Balwinder Singh when the accident occurred. A pedestrian had come in the way of the two-wheeler following which her brother, Balwinder applied brakes immediately and Jasvinder, the pillion rider, lost her balance and fell into the ground, resulting in serious head injury.

The deceased teenager Jasvinder Kaur

Soon after the accident took place, as Kaur was lying on the ground with serious injuries, the army trucks started passing on the same road which led people to assume that Kaur was hit by an army truck. “But that was actually not the case,” the family claimed.

A student of Govt Girls high Secondary School Shastri Nagar, Kaur was immediately taken to the Govt Hospital Gandhi Nagar where the doctors declared her as brought dead. The doctors had said the family due to the serious head injuries blood had clotted in her head with possibly is the cause of her death. The dead body was later sent to Bakshi Nagar for post-mortem.

Living in Indira Nagar locality of Miran Sahab, in Jammu district, Kaur is survived by her father Sukhjeet Singh and a brother Balwinder Singh. The family have expressed the grief over the tragic accident but refuted the claims that army trucks led to the death of their daughter.

The brother of the deceased girl, Balwinder Singh, who actually was riding the two-wheeler when the tragic accident took place.

“As soon as the accident took place, People surrounded the army trucks and started blaming them. I was not in the right frame of mind so I just suggested people to take my sister to the hospital first,” the deceased’s brother Singh claimed.

“It was actually a man who didn’t listen to my repeated horns, neither looked on the side we were coming from, he just stopped in the middle of the road and when I applied the brakes, my sister fell on the right side. That is how she got hurt,” Singh added.

Earlier, the media agencies had reported that army trucks led to the accident, refuting all the media reports Sukhjeet Singh said that he is surprised at what the media had yesterday reported. “We never said that an army truck hit my daughter. If that had happened, her body would have been crushed,” Singh, the father of the deceased claimed.

Pertinently, the media on Tuesday had reported that the deceased died after she was hit by an army truck at Satwari airport in Jammu district.


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