SRINAGAR: Tariq Ahmad Shah, who owns, Sozni Polo View- a shawl studio in the heart of Srinagar has taken his business to China and Dubai with plans to expand it to other parts of the world.

Shah says in 1930’s his grandfather Ghulam Mohiudeen Shah started the business which was then taken forward by his father Ghulam Mohammad Shah and his three uncles carried this business.

“My father went to various parts of the country and worked hard for it, basically we are manufacturers. I also got associated with the business and thought to give it an international edge,” Shah said.

“Now we have an office in Dubai and we have expanded it in China as well. We have expanded high-quality shawls, Kani and Pashmina in these countries,” he added.

Currently, they have manufacturing units all over the country where more than one thousand people are working.

Shah, on his own, has expanded it in villages in Pattan and Ganderbal.



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