Garden Opening, Cultural Shows Are Facades of Normality: Says Sajad Lone, insisting Engagement With People

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference (JKPC) is dismayed over the present dismal state of administration in Jammu and Kashmir, insisting the wedge between the common people and those at the helm is only widening with each passing day.

Several youth joined Peoples Conference

The Conference met under Sajad Lone and the participants maintained that the administrative inertia, bureaucratic hurdles and dilatory mode of functioning have become a new normal in the administration. The leaders, a spokesman said, maintained that the gulf between the administration and the common masses must end at an earliest and that the euphoria about good governance and prompt delivery of services is menacingly misplaced to the core.

They asked LG administration to go beyond the rhetoric and deepen the process of dialogue and make sincere efforts to engage the people for a lasting solution to the present embargo.

The JKPC leaders also highlighted the day to day struggle masses here face in getting their grievances addressed in the power corridors and how the present dispensation is making strenuous efforts to ostracize the entire scenario and give fa├žade of normality by opening up the local gardens and sponsoring cultural shows.

The leadership made a fervent appeal to the LG administration to take remedial measures and prioritize the resolution of the problems people in Kashmir are facing amid the multitude of torments prevalent due to the political and economic crises.

The meeting further deliberated upon the party structure and measures needed to be taken to strengthen it further on the ground. The meet also emphasized the democratization of the plans and policies of the party so that people could carry it forward in a bid to get Jammu and Kashmir out of the present morass of uncertainty and chaos with invincible courage and impeccable will.


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