Frustrated parent of a DPS boy pens a painful note

Delhi Public School Athwajan
Delhi Public School Athwajan


“My son is a student of Delhi Public School (DPS), Athwajan, Srinagar, fortunately, that has become an unfortunate eventuality of my life as a parent. This is because DPS seems to care little for the safety and sanity of its students and more about its own concealed agendas. I say so because:

One, I was in a state of disarray yesterday after an SMS from the school announced that the school would start regular class work from December 3. It sounded confusing in the backdrop of the verbally transmitted message by DPS teachers and coordinators that the final term exam would be a “home exam” – an exam to be conducted at home with the parent as the invigilator.

We were asked to collect question papers on December 1, and submit the same from December 10 to December 24.

Got it! No.

Well when students are attending to their final exams at home, how would they be able to attend school and vice versa. I guess DPS has its own reference text to LOGIC.

Students could go insane!

And, ha!, when the school coordinators are asked what the kids are supposed to do in the school since they are attending to their “home exam” which may well take up to December 24, to complete, they tell us that some “entertainment” has been organized for them. Entertainment. Exams. Enquiry!!! I could have the laugh of my life.

Two (as in more important than one), the school was shut for more than four months. It was not advisable (read possible) for buses carrying students to shuttle under the imminent threat of attacks (you know the nature). Then, the school itself faced a threat (well a “good” number of schools have gone up in flames). That was sensible.

Now the school announces that REGULAR CLASSWORK WILL START FROM DECEMBER 3, and everyone here knows that the situation is volatile enough even though it might have gone “subterranean” due to “extreme measures” taken by the state administration thus thrusting volatility underground which can explode anytime of the day. The buses and the school is vulnerable and that means our children are face to face with a life threat. Now what kind of parent would put his or her child into a life threatening situation? The school does not care about this and merrily announces “regular school work”.

I was figuring that only our children have grown sloppy staying home all the time owing to the turmoil. But now I am convinced that DPS administration has also gone berserk under the circumstances.”

(The piece was written by a parent who says he is frustrated with the way his kids are being handled by their school at his cost. The parent wishes to stay anonymous.)


  1. Dear Anonymous Parent & Others who may read it
    I fully agree with your expressions and impressions abourt DPS Srinagar, run by haughty chairman and principal, who have never cared about the sentiments and sensitivities of both children and parents.
    Unfortunately, there is a class of “parents” who are not bothered about the issues.
    I have already penned my observations and impressions yesterday on this tabloid after a group of parents had forcible meeting with chairman Mr Vijay Dhar. How callous Mr Dhar was in a meeting who just remained standing beside wall of the Principal’s chamber and parents were standing all alone during that brief meeting. Few people had seats. How Mr Dhar disrespected parents’when he left room while threatening us that HE WILL CLOSE THE SCHOOL if WE did not accept his latest order of sending children. He had no logic when we asked him about fun of handing over QUESTION PAPERS to students for HOME and reopening the school when students have not been promoted to next classes. How weak Mr Dhar proved when he did not appreciate our genuine concerns and logic in our plea?
    We all had to assert and shout as Coordinator Ms Sana bakhshi was trying to avoid any meeting with Mr Dhar. Later, she buckled under parents’pressure.
    Now, my child is crying and weeping when I told him not to attend the school in present “dormant” situation that authorities claim “normal”. He has become sad and tense saying when other students will go why not he? I am not able to make him understand what kind of politics Mr Dhar is trying to play at the cost my children because I consider other parents’ children as my OWN.
    So, Mr Dhar got news about resumption of so called class work published in certain prominent dailies as if DPS is going to do something EXTRA ORDINARY for children.
    I, as a parent will allow my child to attend school (in compulsion due to his sentimental attachment with school and long break of about 147 days of shutdown and curfews) on full relaxation days ONLY (announced by separatist leadership).
    Believe me, I am scared as anybody can play foul to meet their target.
    I wish other parents assert and we could go together as we are MAIN STAKEHOLDERS in DPS Srinagar.
    I don’t want to be anonymous here.


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