‘Furnish Proper Lease Cancellation Order to De-notify Tosamaidan as Firing Range’



The workers of Tosamaidan Bachav Front (TBF) organized a protest rally Thursday at Srinagar’s press enclave requesting the government to furnish a proper lease cancellation order de-notifying the area as a firing range.

“Two years ago we launched this campaign and government agreed to our demands on 18th April 2014 but today we want government to furnish a proper lease cancellation order so that we are convinced that the area has officially been de-notified,” said Sheikh Ghulam Rasool, President, TBF.

He said that the people of Tosamaidan has suffered on several fronts like environment, economy and healthcare and demanded adequate compensation to be given.

The protesters demanded to declare Tosamaidan as tourist destination to alleviate the rural tourism in the area. They also demanded that government to constitute a separate development authority for Tosamaidan and initiate the construction of roads leading to the area on war-footing.

The protesters termed the proposed move by the government to declare Tosamaidan as annexe of Yousmarg as “unacceptable.”


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