Geelani Asks Youth to restrain from Commenting On Trivial Issues

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While criticizing the state government for arresting youth allegedly involved in issuing threats to the all-girls rock band Pragaash on social networking site facebook, Hurriyat (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Friday asked the youth of valley to adopt decency and restrain from posting their comments on social media over ‘non serious issues’. H e asked the youth to confine their efforts and attention to ‘highlight more important issues like human rights violations and related matters to freedom movement’.

Geelani has strongly criticised the administration and termed  arrests of face book users and  recent opening of the cases against Nayeem  Ahmad Khan and other pro freedom leaders as unwanted and said that “establishment with the dint of force is creating  terror and is indulged in violation of basic human rights”.

Geelani said that suppressive measures in no way are the solution, ‘instead they complicate  already tense situation ‘.
In a statement issued from New Delhi, Geelani expressed his concern and castigated the authorities for detention of Tariq Majid Khan ,Rameez Ahmad Shah and Irshad Ahmad allegedly for posting threatening comments on social networking website facebook against the rock band.

“Authorities in order to deviate the attention from recent opening of cases and rejection of Verma panel recommendation against the forces, are assigning  hype  to other non serious issues”, he said.

With regard to the role of national media, Geelani accused them of being equal shareholders in the government ploy by providing their support through their media. “The national character of  Kashmiri people  with regards to decency, brotherhood and harmony are exceptional and worth to follow and we as a nation have always stood for these ideologies  and played a leading role in this direction”, said Geelani .

“India and its agencies, in order to portray the society as barbaric are hell bent to splash the very fabric of the social bond and local administration  too has  provided  their assistance. Since last 22years, thousands of Kashmiri  women were sexually harassed and molested by indian forces and neither a single case was registered  nor they were perused or asked for their offenses”.

Geelani in his statement said that recommendations of Justice Verma panel Commission had created some hope and enthusiasm “but Indian authorities depicted their stubborn attitude and rejected the said recommendations”
He said that the world had expressed their dismay and displeasure over the sexual assault against women in Kashmir   and India in order to deviate attention of human rights organizations and overcome this displeasing and embarrassment, plotted a non serious issue.

Geelani urged the people to “understand game plan of India” and added the pronouncement by Omar Abdullah regarding the dismissal of year 2010 cases against youth proved hoax,   ‘instead the cases are reopened and police is perusing the youth and other pro freedom leaders’.

Geelani while rejecting the arbitrary measures, lashed at the authorities and said ongoing freedom movement will never be suppressed by these measures and added ‘though a temporary lull is possible but this won’t prove a permanent solution to the Kashmir dispute’.


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