Geelani calls for protests against Egypt court order

KL Report


While appealing for peaceful protest demonstration after the Friday prayers on 28 march against the mass death sentence of 529 persons including the ‘spiritual guide’ of Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Badie by an Egyptian court, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani, in a statement from New Delhi,  said that this incident is not of a ‘particular country, sect or party, but it is the matter of all Muslim Ummah and it is a religious duty of every Muslim to raise his voice against these incidents’.

“General Al-Sisi is a Jewish agent and he is helping the international agenda of Zionist movement,” Geelani said while appealing the secretary general and officials of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) that they should come forward to stop the state terrorism of Egyptian army generals and save the lives of Islamists in Egypt.

The Hurriyat patriarch termed the mass death sentence of 529 persons as judicial murder and said that it is the extraordinary judgment of its kind, which have occurred first time in the history of Judiciary.

“The persons who are on death row have not committed any crime except that they were desirous to see the Islam as a complete way of life and for this they were supporting the elected government of President Muhammad Mursi. Now it is the duty of every Muslim of the world to protest against this act of judicial terrorism and anti Islamic acts of Egyptian army generals,” he said.

Geelani appealed Islamic scholar’s especially who lead Friday congregational prayers, to shed some light on the present situation of Egypt in their Friday sermons and aware common people to hold peaceful protest demonstration against this act of state terrorism.


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